Full service RESTAURANT CONSULTING AT ANY STAGE. WE HELP YOU launch RESTAURANTS AND MAKE THEM SUCCESSFUL in any country. We've experience of remotely launching restaurant projects

TURNKEY RESTAURANT CONSULTING SERVICES. We've launched countless successful projects, from large semi-upscale to fast-casual concepts. We plan,prepare, and execute (and know when to improvise) to ensure your vision becomes reality

Our advanced restaurant consultant services include:

  • Feasibility Studies
  • Business Plans
  • Brand Development
  • Menu Development
  • Complex Architectural & Engineering Projects
  • Complex Interior Design Project
  • Bar Consulting
  • Financial Assessments 
  • Employees & Training
  • Hospitality Management
  • Sustainability Consulting

While opening your café or restaurant or pizzeria using our services, you get not only profitable business, but also spare your time and money. You can cooperate with us both in opening a turnkey project or only in certain types of services, for example, menu development, or interior design project, etc. You may turn to us at any stage of the projects realization and on any question.

Hotel & Restaurant Interior Design

We will create an integral interior design and graphic brand book, reflecting the project concept. Well-developed design of a restaurant (café, bar, coffee shop) leads to profitable sales and incomes, because restaurants and cafes are not only places where people eat, but also places that are attractive for spending free time, daytime meetings and work. A good design of hotels, cafes and restaurants is a very broad definition, which includes many things from the choice of furniture and its arrangement to interior elements.  Why choose US? 

  • We design stylish, modern interior solutions
  • We calculate all costs and agree on the final estimate with the customer
  • With the help of the created photorealistic visualizations, already at the development stage, you will see in detail how the object will look
  • We independently develop all engineering, design, technological sections
  • We will select furniture, light and decoration
  • We will provide you with the author’s supervision during the construction to minimize all risks
  • We pay attention to every detail and create not only a bright interior, but brand to remember

 Our restaurant consulting is very stylish, but doesn’t exceed your budget.


The technological project is based on the menu and concept of your café or restaurant.

  • We independently develop all engineering & technological project
  • We will select all necessary technological equipment, crockery and ware
  • We will make up an arrangement of equipment according to a set-up of engineering connections
  • We calculate all costs and agree on the final estimate with the customer

Our restaurant consulting is both - economic and ergonomic. 


We will help you create a tasty and successful menu for your café, bakery, restaurant, sushi bar, pizzeria, burger place or fast food. We will provide you with detailed receipts and descriptions of every dish for the menu, train your personnel on the technology of the preparation. The menu of the kitchen and bar is based on the concept of the restaurant, café or hotel.

Our restaurant consulting is very tasty and profitable. 


Our team will conduct an attestation and training for all employees of a café, restaurant or hotel. We will build up an optimal structure of management, create an effective system of regular and incentive pays and form up the professional team aimed to work for results.                                                        Our restaurant consulting is systematical and effective.                                                                       



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