Turnkey pizzeria and café Serotonin –"the place where happy people meet". Menu development for a pizzeria. Comprehensive restaurant consulting

Turnkey Restaurant Consulting

Services on the opening of the turnkey pizzeria, café and sushi bar. Restaurant consulting of any complexity, at any stage & in any country of the world.

Serotonin – the place where happy people meet.

The task of the restaurant consulting company – render assistance in the opening of the turnkey café and bar.

Create and lead out on the market a conceptual restaurant project – the place where happy people meet to dive into the new gastronomical experience.

Target group: proactive broad-minded people, open to all the new, who appreciate style, quality and taste.


  •           We developed the café concept and its position in the market.
  •           We thought out the name, the motto and the graphic style of the café.
  •          The kitchen and the bar menu were developed. We rendered all the technological descriptions and trained the kitchen team how to prepare the dishes. The menu was counted, the value of all dishes was stated, described. We also prepared the layout for printing. 
  •       We developed the line of the author’s cocktails and handmade alcohol beverages for the bar.
  •          The technical projects of the kitchen and bar were based on the menu. We used all inventory and equipment the client disposed.
  •          We selected all necessary ware and crockery and additional equipment.
  •       We selected the providers of all materials and goods.
  •          The process of project automation was accomplished.
  •       We built up the system of management and payments. The list of stuff members was arranged.  We also made up the stuff instructions and check-lists, every business process was “attached” to the specific person.
  •           We trained all employees of the café. 
  •           The marketing strategy and pr- plan were developed.
  •        We successfully opened the turnkey gastronomical café. During 3 weeks our team lived on the object, rendering assistance in all questions.
  •        We rendered complex restaurant consulting at all stages of the project – from the very beginning until the café was opened. 

     Our restaurant consulting services include:
  • Concept & Brand development
  • Business Plans
  • Complex Engineering Projects
  • Complex Architectural & Interior Design 
  • Author's Support
  • Development of the menu of different cuisines of the world
  • Development of a range of drinks for the bar list
  • Bar Consulting
  • Restaurant Operational Audit
  • Financial Assessment of the Restaurant
  • Hospitality Management
  • Staff Training
  • Sustainability  Consulting
  • Comprehensive restaurant consulting at all stages of the project & on any issues