ONOVO Dendra Hotel & Restaurant. Rebranding and renovation of the hotel. Brand new turnkey restaurant in the hotel. Interior design for a restaurant

Architecture and Interior Design of Hotel and Restaurant

The tasks of the our restaurant consulting company were:

- to carry out a complete rebranding  of an outdated hotel, two restaurants, three meeting rooms, summer terrace, landscape;

- to attract a completely new consumers;

- to restart a new hotel and restaurants

The successful result of our work You can see on the photos " before" and "after" and on the company's website 



What we have made:

  • Firstly we assessed the competitive environment, the needs and expectations of target customers and the marketing opportunities of the hotel's location. As a reasult, we made a feasibility study of the project.
  • Secondly we developed new  concept for the hotel and restaurants. The marketing slogan of the new concept has become: "Work while resting and Rest while working".  We made this deсision based on the characteristics of the hotel's location, on the analysis of the competitive environment and on the assessment of the requirements of the target customers.
  • Thirdly we changed the outdated naming Kozatskiy Stan to a new  conceptual naming Onovo Dendra Hotel with summer restaurant  The Oak and all -season restaurant The ЯR.
  • Fourtly we created full Brand ID and Graphic Brand Book.
  • Fifth we developed a complete architectural design of the hotel exterior; a complete interior design for summer restaurant and terrace, all-season restaurant, lobby bar, three meeting rooms. We selected all the furniture, light and sanitary engineering, decoration materials and elements of the décor.We realized author’s supervision during the implementation of the exterior & interior design project.
  • Sixtly we developed a landscape project.
  • Seventh we made up a complete technological project based on the menu, sanitary standarts and fire safety requirements. We selected all necessary technological equipment and ajusted them according to a set-up of engineering connections.
  • Eight we designed a large all season tent for mass events.
  • Ninthly we drawed up full package of engineering drawing for the hotel, terrace and restaurants.
  • Tenth we completely changed target consumers and  strategy for further development. We worked out all details and elaborated sustainability plan.
  • Finally we successfully restart new hotel & restaurants.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 

We provide a full range of restaurant consulting services from concept development to restaurant launch and recieved first profit. But You may turn to us only for certain type of service, for example, create a restaurant design, or develop a menu, or asseess the financial situation. Our restaurant  consulting company render service in different countries, not only in  Ukraine. We already have successful experience of working abroad and grateful Customers!