We are full-service restaurant consulting company, spanning brand development to maximizing profit. Turnkey restaurant consulting online & at any stage

Hi! We are from Ukraine! Restaurant consulting company Kraii is a full HoReCa consulting and thorough support in the opening of the cafés, restaurants, sushi bars, burger cafés, pizzerias,food delivery and dark kitchens. Kraii food service consultants is an advanced restaurant consultant firm,providing restaurant startup consultant services, business plan service and more!  We are a professional and creative team of designers, cookers, bartenders and specialists in team-building with wide personal experience. We can help you open your own successful café, coffee house, pizzeria, sushi bar, burger café, restaurant, food delivery or dark kitchen from the very beginning. You may turn to us at any stage of the project realization and on any question. We render services in all towns of Ukraine and also abroad: Poland, Moldova, Romania, Georgia, Slovenia, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Lithuania, Estonia, Latvia & in other countries.We have a successful experience of online building and opening a restaurant from scratch.




We can:

  • develop a concept of a restaurant or a café, or a pizzeria, or a dark kitchen, or a food delivery
  • assist in the choice of the location
  • create a design of the interior
  • elaborate on a logo brand-book
  • provide you with an author’s supervision while construction is being in process
  • set up a technical project of the cuisine and bar (including the selection of the furniture, light, equipment, crockery and ware)
  • create profitable menu for pizzeria, restaurant, sushi bar, café, food delivery etc.
  •  train personnel
  • open turnkey pizzeria, restaurant, sushi bar, café, dark kitchen, food delivery and provide the project with thorough support

We have a successful experience of remotely launching restaurants and further online restaurant consultations. Restaurant consulting from company Kraii – a simple solution of complicated tasks. 


We will help you open your own turnkey hotel, restaurant, sushi bar, burger café, sandwich bar, pizzeria, dark kitchen or bakery. You may turn to us to render any specific service, for example, to create a menu for a bar. We are not stamping the same projects, we are not afraid of the experiments, in case we are sure they would lead to commercial success. Our restaurant consulting company has a successful experience of opening restaurants online. Our philosophy – to pay attention to the finest detail that makes up the project originality.  


We create the concepts of the cafés, pizzerias, coffee houses, restaurants, fast foods, sushi bar and others on the basis of the SWAT and economic analysis. We do not blindly follow the desires of the client if these desires contradict the common sense, we propose the most optimal solutions that suit the client’s budget. We work in all segments of HoReCa, both in Ukraine and abroad, and with objects of various styles and architectural complicacy and different investment budgets. While opening your café, dark kitchen, food delivery or restaurant using our services, you get not only profitable business, but also spare your time and money. 


The time is the money, and the lost time is the lost money. We know this and we do our best to accomplish our obligations in the specified terms. We are not interested in stalling the projects as the long term of the realization reduces the profitability to us. 

Our restaurant consulting is always just in time.